Frequently Asked Questions

1. Some of my party guests are under the minimum age of 5, can they still attend and join in?


They are still welcome to attend and join in with the party games however they will be unable to take part in any of the "package" activities due to health and safety.


2. I've chosen the silver/gold package but I can't find an activity that I like, what do I do?


We can offer bespoke party packages, please contact us to discuss this.


3. I don’t want to learn a dance/song or act a mini play in my party. Is this possible?


Of course! We can offer you a party that is filled with party games, please contact us to arrange this! Please note that extra charges may apply.


4. Is there a maximum numbers of guests which can attend my party?


No, the more the merrier! Our prices show up to 30 children - if you have more than this please contact us for further details.


5. When will I need to let you know the final number of party guests for my party?


We will need to know the final number of party guests a minimum 2 weeks before the party date. Please note, if you have chosen teddy bear making (as part of our silver or gold packages), we will need to know the final party numbers a minimum 3 weeks before the party date.


6. I've let you know my final number of party attendees, however some people are now unable to attend, will I be refunded for the guests who have not attended?


Unfortunately due to administrative costs and costs of purchased equipment we will be unable to offer you a refund. You are however welcome to find a different party guest to fill the space. We will make you aware of this when you provide us with your final number of party guests.


7. I've given you my final party numbers but wish to add more people to this, is that possible?


Please contact us as soon as possible if this is the case and we'll see what we can do.


8. I didn't receive parental consent from all my party guests and I am having an activity from the pamper package. Can my guests still take part?


Unfortunately due to health and safety they will not be able to take part in the full experience without parental consent, however we can offer alternatives if this is the case.


9. My friend booked a decorating activity as part of their party and I want exactly the same craft decorations as them. Is this possible?


Our craft decorations are subject to change due to availability but we try our very best to keep all decorations similar.


10. My party is less than 2 weeks away and I've already given you my dance/song choice, but now I'd like to change my song. Is this possible?


Please contact us direct as soon as possible to let us know and we'll see what we can do.


11. What money do I need to pay and when?


To secure your chosen party date and time we will require a 50% non-refundable deposit which is due no later than two weeks before your party date. This can be paid via Cheque, BACs or cash and you will receive a receipt. Please note that your chosen party date is not secured until this money has been received and acknowledged by us.


Your final balance is then due no later than the day of your party. We will calculate the cost of your party and an invoice will be sent within 2 weeks prior to the party (Via email or text message) with the remaining balance owed.


Please note the number of participants that you have told us will be attending the party will be the final amount we charge.


12. My child/a party guest has a disability, would the activities be suitable for them?


Of course! Please make us aware of this when booking your party.


13. I'm not a very good cook, could you provide any party food or a party cake?


Due to food and hygiene regulations we are not able to provide any means of food for your party. We are however more than happy to help with distribution of food, presenting, cutting and also distributing the party cake.


14. I noticed on the party page it states that you often take photos or videos at the party, where will these be used?


We will use these for promotional purposes for Lindsey Pollard Dance. They may be used on the following means of advertising: Company websites, twitter, facebook, posters, leaflets, brochures, newspapers, internet sites, slideshows and DVDs.


Please note, if you do not wish for your child/party to feature in any photos or videos you must let your party host know on arrival to the party.


15. Would I be able to have a copy of any photos/videos taken at the party?


We are more than happy to send over photos/videos from your event. We usually do this via dropbox but can do this via other methods too - just let us know if you'd like them!